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6-Month 1:1 Coaching

Money Back Guarantee!

The 6-month programme incorporates the initial session as well as everything included in the 3-month programme:

  • Weekly pre-market analysis assistance

  • Weekly post-market review

  • Daily pre-market analysis and trading plan for the day

  • Daily post market review


Plus, the following


  • In-trade coaching

  • I look over your shoulder, with time you will learn to look over your own shoulder (you learn to observe yourself as you trade) – you develop mindfulness as you trader.

  • Free Live Trading Room access after completion of programme


At the end of the 6-months you should see a tangible improvement in your trading.


If after this, you do not see any improvement you may get your money back.


The idea of the programme is to identify your pressure points that are holding you back, after which you should see a marked improvement.


The in-session coaching is aimed at enhancing self-awareness and being able to pullback from those intense moments while trading - the biggest cause of many accounts blow-ups.



  • Must have been trading for at least a year

  • Must have hunger for success

  • Must be able to learn and must be willing to make necessary changes to your trading

  • Must be willing to take constructive criticism

  • Must have risk capital to trade (it’s pointless to be a forever-sim trader)

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