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How do you Relax as a Trader?

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Relaxation is a big part of being a successful, consistent trader, but how many of us actually try and do this?

In my early trading career I remember spending every possible time I had looking at charts, watching videos of one guru after another, trying one indicator after another, but never really sitting back and chilling like I am sitting on top of 100-dollar bills and watching the world go by. That is because I thought that is trading is all about - working hard. However, I soon realised that the harder I worked the more negative my results were. So I had to introduce some RnR into my everyday life.

I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in England. I have rolling hills, rivers and woods to wonder in. I love outdoor life. I go for long walks in the countryside and enjoy nature. This gives my body and brain a total break from the markets,

After my walks I always feel more energised and more focused. I also came to notice that the days I do not take my walk in open space my trading results range from poor to catastrophic. Now I have learnt that if I do not go for my walk I do not trade. That way it helps limit my risk.

Why not try something new to destress? It would be good if you can share you relaxation techniques.

I also do yoga, gardening and cycling

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